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Conducting Safety Assessment of The Elderly’s Home Before Installing Monitoring System

When it comes to places where we feel safe, secure, and at ease, our homes topmost of our lists. Having spent months of this year in quarantine, our dependency on our homes has only increased. However, for some of us who suffer from particular mental or physical diseases, our homes can also be hazardous. This is where the need to install monitoring systems in the house arises. Having your house under supervised surveillance not only allows you to keep an eye out for the usual kerfuffle, but it also provides an option to keep tabs on your family members who are suffering from a condition, especially the elderly ones. 

However, before installing a monitoring system in your house, you must assess the safety and security levels of your house to make sure you stay on the top of house management.

Here is a checklist of home and safety concerns for seniors for you to incorporate in your house:

Medication management

Most of the in-house emergencies are caused by medications. The case behind most elderly finding themselves in hospital emergency rooms is usually medication. Some cases find the seniors having consumed more medicines than recommended while others find them not taking any. Therefore, a medication management system in your house that tells what medicines to take and when is a must. 

Fortunately, most modern monitoring systems come equipped with system alert that notifies the patient as well as the caregiver that it is time for medication. You might want to know how can Telemedicine help Gerontologists address elderly Issues.

Optimum lighting solution

Proper lighting is essential for both the inside and outside of the house. While the exterior motion lights will help you stay safe from transgressions, the lighting in the inside of your house will illuminate accident-prone areas for the elderly. Placing bright light in areas that are prone to accidents such as stairways and bathrooms will accommodate lost vision capabilities of the elderly. It will also help you remove any blindspots in your house for the monitoring system. 

Smoke detectors

Elderly people are not usually very mobile and reflexive. In case of an emergency related to smoke and fire, they might not be able to handle the situation on their own. Therefore, having a proper emergency repellent system installed at home is a necessity. Smoke detectors can detect both fire and smoke and are triggered into action when they sense an unusual amount of heat or smoke.

Secure locks

Seniors tend to run a high risk of being a victim of home burglary. Therefore, you must make sure that the gates, windows, and doors have secure locks. 

Fall hazards

When you have an elderly in your house, you must have a look at accident prone areas in your house and try to minimize or reduce the risk of having someone trip or fall in those spots. If you need to plant extra stability mechanisms such as handles, grab bars, handrails, you should do so as soon as possible. 

Important documents under safety

Elderly people have it hard when it comes to transgressions against them. Besides being housebroken, threatened, or robbed, elderly people also run a chance of having their identity stolen. As a caring family member, make sure you store all the documents including social security card, credit card, and medicare card of your elderly family member in a safe place at home. 

Have monitoring system installed

Finally, when you have assessed the safety and security measures of your house and have made the necessary changes, you should install a monitoring system that allows you to keep an eye on your elderly family member and supervise the caregivers. 

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